How to Overcome Addictive Habits & Train your Brain to Love Healthful Habits & Productive Work

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😩 If you're tired of your destructive and time wasting habits - this course is for you.

🌠 If you wish you had motivation to do what's in your best long-term interest - this course is for you.

🧬 If you're not sure how your habits are affecting your motivation and focus - this course is for you.

💯 If you want a step-by-step system, containing the best science-based tools to achieve self-mastery - this course is for you.

🧠 If you want to train your brain to love hard work and healthy habits - this course is for you.

🚀 If you know you're not living up to your potential but aren't sure what's holding you back - this course is for you.


What you can expect to learn...

Overcome addictive habits that are holding you back from your potential

Your motivation and ability to focus has everything to do with the instant gratification habits you have

Train your brain to enjoy productive work and healthy habits

I know it sounds crazy, but you really can train your brain to love doing the challenging things that actually make your life better

Learn the simple, science-based tools to reach your goals

There are a few powerful methods that you're likely not taking advantage of that will allow you to change your habits and build your dream life


7 x Lessons (5 Minutes Each)

🌟Create a Powerfully Motivating Vision

Learn the basics of dopamine and discover what is possible once you balance dopamine (sneak peek: you'll be able to build your dream life)

🔍Replace your Instant Gratification Habits

Discover your values and how to act in accordance with them to stay away from your instant gratification habits.

🚀Optimize your Environment to Reach your Goals
🧠Science-Based Tools to Resist Cravings

The most sure fire way to ensure you change, is my by changing your environment. If you get this right, you might not even need the other tools!

The hardest part about changing habits is the cravings and negative emotions. I’ll go over the proven methods to strengthen your mind so you can overcome this obstacle.

☯️ Balance your Body to Balance your Mind

The mind and body are tightly connected. I’ll teach you the three pillars of physical health which make it much easier to resist the temptation of instant gratification

Learn the most under-utilized, yet incredible powerful tool to reach your goals. If you're still struggling after implementing the other lesson, this will give you the boost you need.

💯Set up an Accountability & Reinforcement Structure to Guarantee Success

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